Gift Certificate

Make a Friend Happy with a Gift Certificate!

Two Sculls

Do you see an activity at Rowing Events you would like to give away? Treat a special friend with a memorable experience that will last, with a gift certificate from us.

Gift certificates are non-binding, valid for two years and can be revoked at will. They become final when the beneficiary wants to use the certificate and you are still willing to make it happen and pay the invoice we send you at that time. A certificate can cover all or a part of the price of the activity. Multiple certificates can be combined to share the costs of the activity for a friend as a gift by the group.

How Certificates Work

  • After you have contacted and told us what you would like to give, we will let you know the estimated costs.
  • Once you have agreed to the estimation, we will prepare the certificate for the beneficiary.
  • The certificate contains the specification of the activity, the names of the beneficiary and benefactor, the date of issuance and expiration date. It does not mention the price, which is registered seperately with us.
  • When your friend wants make use of the gift, your friend can contact us to schedule and arrange the details.
  • After the final details are known, we will send you, as the benefactor, the invoice for the gift certificate.
  • We will inform your friend when we have received payment and everything is set to go!

Treat Charlie with a Day Rowing and a Stay at ss Rotterdam

As an example we will show how Charlie is sponsered for a super weekend by Alice & Bob.

  • Alice & Bob want to treat Charlie.
  • Alice contacts us to request an estimate for a day rowing with video and to include two nights in ss Rotterdam, with a car rental from Amsterdam Schiphol.
  • Alice agrees to an estimate of 399 Euro.
  • Alice receives a certificate for 200 and Bob wanted one for 100 Euro.
  • Alice & Bob each give their certificate to Charlie.
  • Next month Charlie contacts us to schedule his trip.
  • Charlie receives the quotation for his preferred dates. Unfortunately, the chosen dates are popular for Rotterdam, and the total amount has increased to 409 Euro. Charlie receives a quote for 109 Euro (409 - 200 - 100).
  • Charlie is happy with the quote and gives us the go ahead.
  • Charlie receives the invoice for the amount of 109 Euro.
  • Alice & Bob receive their invoices, each for their committed amount.
  • Once all invoices have been paid the reservation is confirmed.
  • Charlie will pickup the rental car at the airport and spend the night in Rotterdam. After a good night sleep, Charlie will row at the Willem-Alexander Baan while we capture his rowing on video. The next day Charlie returns the car to the airport and takes the flight home. At home Charlie receives his private video link and shares this souvenir with his friends!