All-American Rowing Camp

For Rowers by Coaches who Row

All-American Rowing Camp was founded in 1999 by Jim Dietz and Mark Wilson to bring high quality coaching anywhere there is a need. Jim has been rowing since he was 16 and has been in 6 Olympics and created more coaches than any other person in the USA.

The coaches of All-American Rowing are hand selected to be professional, interactive and fun. All coaches enjoy coaching and teaching the finer points of the sport. They strive to give every person an appropriate challenge and make it fun. Their style is one based on a progressive, systematic, positive and fun atmosphere.

All-American Rowing Camp in Holland

We are delighted to welcome our friends and host two All-American Rowing camps at the Willem-Alexander Baan in 2021. One camp in early Summer and one in late Fall.

All-American Rowing Camp