Rowing Events Academy

Online Peer Reviews Moderated by Coaches and with Suggested Exercises

Rowing is fun, but only so if everyone has the determination and focus on the rowing technique. It is no good otherwise. We want to help you to keep improving and increasing the joy in rowing by yourself and together with your team!

Learning by Yourself is Hard!

Master rowers often miss the fallback on and feedback from a coach who is able to guide and show what can done better and how! Fortunately, through camps like those of All-American Rowing there is the opportunity to get help with the technical side of rowing in a fun, progressive, positive way to keep the sport enjoyable and exciting. We highly recommend to participate in an All-American Rowing Camp if you have not yet done so and to revisit if you have.

Although there is no substitute for the learning and fun experience provided by these camps, there is still the opportunity for rowers to get help and feedback online from other rowers and from our coaches, including the coaches from All-American Rowing!